New Music: Board of Transportation

So I haven’t really been doing much personal recording as of late being busy with other fabulous projects with other artists (The Champion and His Burning Flame & Marrow and the Broken Bones) but a side-project has happened which I am quiet excited about. I say “happened” because because it wasn’t something I planned but it just started seeming right the more we worked on the first track. I say “we” because there is another voice to this duo, quite literally a voice too, although he does play other instruments which will appear in forthcoming tracks. The other half is none other than Dave Arnold from The Champion and His Burning Flame fame.

Basically the story goes that I was working on mixing the tracks for “The Time Closet” film and found a 50sec theme that caught my creativity. Once the mixing was finished on the time closet and I had some time to spare (a couple of months later) I proceeded to lengthen and coax the track into an actual song for no other reason than my own enjoyment. Once I had it to a place where it felt like it was something worth listening to I sent it out to Dave, seeing as how it was The Champions original idea. He loved it and really wanted to sing on it. I had already laid down a vocal on the track and hadn’t thought much more about adding anything else but hey let’s see what happens. The results were very satisfying indeed.

We got together and laid down his vocals and grabbed bits a pieces from both his and my vocal tracks and found the sound worked really well together. We also played with the lyrics and the structure of the track some more and voila we had our first track of the group – “The Veil”. From this track we decided to write more songs and trying putting a few more tracks together in the hope of having an EP sometime in the future. We have worked on a second track “Lines and Powerlines” and have all the tracking done, I just need to get around to mixing it.

So without further ado I introduce the first track from “Board of Transportation” – The Veil.

The Veil – Board of Transportation

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