New Music: All These Things

This track has been around for a few years now, written by a good friend of mine Felicity on ukelele when she was just learning how to play.  She wrote it, chord book on her lap, and really came up with something that really inspired me. She bought it to me to work on and we sorted out the chord progressions a little more but essentially the lyric and melody stayed the same  I think. The details are a little hazy as it’s been a few years.

We quickly recorded some uke and vocals and those take are what you hear now. I really loved the shy, tenderness of the vocal which works so well with the lyric and hesitancy of the ukelele. I massaged them a little in Logic to get the timing a little more on. I played a really nice nylon string acoustic to complement the uke and couldn’t help but want to get some glockenspiel on the track. It just felt so right and fitted the sound and sentiment of the vocal. It also keeps that light feeling that uke brings which is juxtaposed against the break beats underneath. The original drum loops I threw in to build up the track were okay but I ended up wanting to make them a bit more original so I layered in some other loops that I made myself.

To finish off I threw on a vocoder in the last chorus as it kind of takes that fairly organic sound of the track and puts a little electro on it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Felicity – All These Things

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