New Music: Take Another Day

This is a track that came out of a “noodle” that I was doing in Logic with some soft synths. I originally called it fidgeting hands because of the uneasiness of the synth motif. Just gave off this sort of Prodigy Breath feel – if you’ve seen the film clip with the hair growing out of the wall and all that crazy sort of thing.

Electro Voice Mic

The guitar stuff was done one evening with some wine and my acoustic guitar plugged into my Adrenalinn II pedal. The wine didn’t really do anything other than afford me the head space to experiment and not be completely anal about what I was playing. The Adrenalinn provided the delay and some amp emulation to give that grit. From memory I detuned the guitar to a complementary open chord and the strings we’re exceptionally loose.

Verse vocals were done in one take after being inspired by the beds. I grabbed an Audix 6 and went for it not really worrying about the lyrics, I had an idea of what I was saying but mostly it’s mumbling with poignancy. I reworked the chorus and resang that later on this old domestic reel to reel tape microphone that I grabbed one day off ebay. Not a bad mic really which I gave away to a mate before I left Nashville. Nice and silver and solid.

There’s still few tweaks I’d like to do to the track like overlaying some acoustic drum samples to make the drums breath some more, loosen off the compression at the end of the track too. One day.

L.Garfield – Take Another Day

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