Devils In Division – Marrow & The Broken Bones

This track is taken from an album I was working on with Marrow and the Broken Bones while I was in the US. I really enjoyed working on this track because of it’s conciseness, the awkward/eerie atmosphere and the clever mathematical lyrics. The production was kept to a relative minimum with the focus on Aimee’s voice and guitar. Aimee recorded the guitar and vocal in the same take with a mic on each through some TAB v376a’s pre amps one evening in September ‘09.

The additional production is provided by some soft synths from Logic – Sculpture, EVP88 – as well as some glockenspiel and Moog .

The Moog wasn’t technically a moog but was a Realistic brand Concert Mate MG-1, a consumer version produced by Radio Shack released in the early 80’s. It is a sweet sounding keyboard and really has some great sounds if you know how to get them. Jesse who owns the Moog and played the parts definitely knows how to pull out the sound you need for a track.

The Sculpture part – that odd sort of eerie vibrating sound in the background – reminds me a little of some night noises that I used to hear in the bush around the house where I grew up. In the Australian summer evenings you would go outside and the sounds of the insects and animals in the bush were often very loud and intimidating. This particular noise would always sounded rather foreboding and the memory is still very vivid. I think in reality it was just frog of some sort but with the combination of other sense it took on another character all together. While we were tracking the guitar and vocals some of the less foreboding Nashville night noises crept into the open mics so if you listen carefully you can hear it and I think it really lends itself to the tracks atmosphere.

I’m hoping to put up more Marrow tracks in the next few weeks.

Marrow & the Broken Bones – Devil’s in Division

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