“Gee” – Marrow & The Broken Bones

While I was working on the Marrow album Aimee emailed me some new tracks that she’d been working on. We’d already sort of decided on the songs we were going to use for the album (from a list of 30+ songs) but as soon as I heard Gee I was keen to hear it on the album.

For me the track with just vocals and guitar was awesome so I really didn’t have a great deal of production ideas. What ended up as far as production on the track was Jesse and Jonathan’s own ideas and I think they work wonderfully.

Aimee tracked her guitar and vocal part at the same time into a Blue Baby Bottle and Audio Technica 2020 through my TAB 376 pres. I can’t remember which mic was on which but I suspect it was the Baby Bottle on the guitar and the AT2020 on the vocals. Not overly expensive mics but they didn’t do to bad a job.

I tracked the mandolin in stereo with two AT2020’s through the 376’s. A single mic on the uke, I’m guessing the Baby Bottle. Last but not least is one of my favourite bits of gear on this album, the MG-1 Realistic brand moog copy. That little guy has all the moves.

Obviously the vocals are the stand out in the track and really draw you in and take you somewhere else and then drop you off at the end. The other instruments are like different bits of scenery as you shoot along. Sort of like being on an afternoon train and looking out the windows at things as they pass by. You can choose you’re own imagery of course.

Marrow & the Broken Bones – Gee

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