Royalty Free Western Music

I recently wrote and recorded some royalty free western music as I’d been fascinated by this genre. I was keen to try my hand at recreating the sounds and atmosphere of those classic spaghetti western soundtracks by ennio morricone for movies like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I thought it’d be fun to set the music I’d been working on to some classic western footage which is available in the public domain. I present for your listening pleasure “Bring Me The West”.

(Download this royalty free western music for use in your video production.)

UPDATE: 09/06/20

I wanted to write a sombre and more moody royalty free western song that evoked more of that “day of reckoning” or “times are rough” sort of feeling. I was also keen to include some resonator slide guitar as it’s such expressive sounding instrument.

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It was also really fascinating and fun finding some “American West” photos from the US National Archives to create a video to accompany the song. I think the combination makes for some really poignant moments.

As part of my research of the genre I found some great royalty free western tracks which I thought could be helpful to someone looking for roylaty free music for different types of scenes.

Western Standoff/Showdown Music

To The Death: A gritty guitar driven track perfect for the building drama of an impending showdown. It builds into a longing orchestrated piece to give a more desperate edge and you can easily imagine shots of the hero’s love with tears in her eyes.

Western Showdown: This is really more a riding through the western landscape type track. It has a great atmosphere but only this intro is really probably suitable for a showdown/duel type scene. You’re sort of getting two styles of track in one with this track.

Western Chase/Riding Music

Rollin’ Hills: Definitely more in the style of traditional spaghetti western music. A rolling snare and a rhythmic acoustic guitar provide the galloping movement whilst a guitar melody meandres over the top. Perfect for scenes requiring a forward moving, “ridin’ through the desert” sort of sound.

Modern Western Music

Wild Desert Winds: A very cool modern bluesy take on western music. Gritty and driving, suitable for a “life’s tough in the west” or “trouble is coming” type of sequence. Primarily dirty blues guitar with a driving beat once the track kicks in.

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