Royalty Free Ukulele Music

The ukulele is such a happy sounding instrument. It conjures up playful, lighthearted feelings. For this reason I really wanted to try writing some royalty free ukulele music with my delightful tenor ukulele.

Both of these royalty free songs have been used in YouTube videos for the sticker and stationery subscription club Lettuce Write. Their upbeat, playful sound really compliments the theme of the videos well.

Ukulele For My Baby

This royalty free ukulele track features a rhythmic ukulele part throughout with a melodic (and catchy) glockenspiel part. Underneath this is a shuffling brushed snare beat which really carries the song along. I didn’t really want to use bass on the song so I employed my trusty acoustic baritone guitar to provide a suitable bassline.

Download “Ukulele for my Baby” for use in your video or podcast.

I would like to recognise the following contributors for the video footage above: KLM, Desmond Etsebeth, Pressmaster and Free Videos.

Ukulele & Toy Piano Serenade

This second piece of royalty free ukulele music features a more melodic rhythm part from the ukulele. Originally the ukulele was the only instrument creating this melody but as I worked on the song I felt that it needed some support. I felt a toy piano would do the job well.

Download “Ukulele & Toy Piano Serenade” as royalty free background music for your video or podcast.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful footage from “The Jam Makers” (1919). Preserved in collaboration with the New Zealand Film Archive and UCLA Film & Television Archive. Available to watch at

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