Indie Rock Royalty Free Music

This royalty free indie rock track was written originally for sync with a TV series like Grey’s Anatomy or The OC.

Download this indie rock backround music for use in your video or podcast.

I like the slow burning qualities of this track. This gives film makers the option to use varying sections of it throughout a project and build to a climax. The piano and acoustic guitar drive the verses. Verses blossom into fuller choruses featuring classic indie guitar melodic sections.

After the second chorus the song hangs on the last chord before building to soaring climactic ending. The guitars and strings complement each other with powerful and emotive melodic lines. The final melodies build a beautiful but longing finish which hangs at the final note.

This particular edit is missing the first verse and chorus which is even more stripped back. There is also a version with lyrics but I haven’t made that available as yet.

Sounds Like

  • Snow Patrol – “Chasing Cars” and “Open Your Eyes”
  • The Fray – “How To Save A Life” and “You Found Me”
  • Coldplay – “Yellow” and “Fix You”


  • Drums – emotive but driving indie rock drums.
  • Bass – melodic and driving.
  • Piano – simple and rhythmic.
  • Acoustic Guitar – simple rhythmic chords.
  • Electric Guitar – emotive arpeggiated style melodies which are melodically rich.
  • Strings – chordal but developing into a counter melody to guitar part towards the end.

If you’re looking for indie rock background music for your video in the post-Britpop genre, this track could definitely fit.

Download for use in your video project or podcast: Waiting for Warmth

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