I live in Australia..

I started learning and playing music at 10 – guitar.

I planned to study graphic design and ended up falling in love with music making.

I studied composition for 3 years and fell for recording music as well as making it.

I started buying recording gear and haven’t stopped since.

I played in bands and by myself and haven’t stopped.

I started recording bands/artists/myself and haven’t stopped.

I’ve written, recorded and produced music for film, television, video games and a musical.

I moved to the United States (Nashville) and recorded/produced/wrote and mixed there.

I moved back to Australia and have kept doing the above.

I want to work with you on your next project if you like what you hear. Call me 0424579416 or send me email.

The Long Version

I started playing the guitar at age 10 because I thought it would be a good thing for me to do – character building perhaps. An odd thought for a 10 year old. In highschool also found out that not only was music “character building” but it was also “cool” and people were impressed when you could play a song they’d heard on the radio.

luke garfield

I really didn’t start really “listening” and being completely immersed in music until later in highschool when I discovered music that made me feel. It got me inspired to write and play music and so I started my first band. It was also at this time I realised I didn’t listen to music like other people. I listened hard to lyrics and tried to decipher the meaning. I listen hard to guitar part that was panned to the left and work out how it answered the right. I heard the deeper textures and timbres of music which my friends weren’t really concerned with. This deeper appreciation started me down road that I’ve been on for over 16 years now.

I figured I needed to be a rock star and like all good rock stars I went to university to study music .. erm .. maybe not. I went and auditioned for the vocal stream of the degree but ended up choosing to study composition which I appreciate the significance of. While I was in the course I also found another area of study that was to become a flagrant passion – audio.

I took as many audio units as I could without actually studying the audio major which sort of worked out better because as composition students we got first priority in the studio. Being married at the end of my second year I stayed living near the university over the summer and made arrangements to be able to use the studio over summer. I tried to get in there as much as possible and wrote and recorded and knew I could do this everyday if I just had to.

Eventually the desire to have a studio more conveniently located at home got the best of me and I purchased as cheap sound card with 8 inputs and an LE version of eMagic’s Logic Audio. My wife and I moved out of town to a two bedroom house in the middle of farm land and I recorded my first band in the lounge room and that was the ground breaking, epic start of my recording career.

Since then I have recorded and worked with many great artists and bands in all manner of genres. I’ve composed music for film, television, games and multimedia both in Australia and the US. I’ve written and recorded and mixed my own work both as a solo artist and in the band Lout. I also recently built my first studio on the Gold Coast from the ground up and I generally have amazing experiences doing things with music.

As a music producer I find myself trying to bring the best out of an artist or band, finding solutions to any session stopping issues as well as bringing fresh perspective and input to the song or project. As a mix engineer I work hard to realise a track as the artist or band has had it in mind as well as bringing in a flavour and sound of my own. 

I look forward to working with you or if you just happen to be here for the free coffee and danishes enjoy some music while your around.