Mixing someone’s music is a thrill.

You get a bunch of carefully prepared tracks and each one is a like a little present all wrapped up so you don’t know what’s in there. You push up the faders and slowly and each sound brings the track to life.

It’s inspiring and exciting. Even when you hear something that needs a good dose of “love”.

Even though the songwriting and recording of parts is completed, there is a great amount of creativity in mixing. A great mix can make a song come alive as well as get it ready for release.

Of course the creative vision of the project needs to be respected and in the end the artist/band has to love it. Below are some examples of tracks, full length albums , EPs, and film music that I’ve worked on. If you have a project that your are interested in having me look at to work on as an audio engineer, contact me via the contact form.

Board of Transportation: Seven Bridges of Konisgberg

Board Of Transportation

A personal project that came from some sessions I had been doing with The Champion & His Burning Flame. Dave… Read more Board Of Transportation

Desert landscape at dusk

Bring Me The West

This royalty free spaghetti western track was a bit of a composition and production exercise for me. The goal was… Read more Bring Me The West

East Of Ephesus

East of Ephesus

For this royalty free track I was foolin’ around with a beautiful Armenian Duduk sound and the main motif started… Read more East of Ephesus

Fear of Flight EP

Fear Of Flight

Great songs with great arrangements make mixing a pleasure. I mix this 5 track EP for “fear of flight” as… Read more Fear Of Flight

Front of Forgotten God DVD

Francis Chan: Forgotten God

The Champion and His Burning Flame were given the task of writing and recording music to appear on a study… Read more Francis Chan: Forgotten God

Jack To Lightspeed: Applied To Modern Life (album art)

Jack To Lightspeed

A great electro-alternative solo project by Jack Preston. I had the pleasure of mixing this EP for Jack. Involvement: Mix… Read more Jack To Lightspeed

James Wesley Haymer: Timing Is Everything

James Wesley Haymer

I met James at a party in Nashville one night and we talked for a while and hit it off.… Read more James Wesley Haymer

Lines & Powerlines artwork

Lines & Powerlines

This is an acoustic cover of the Board of Transportation song “Lines & Powerlines”. It features 12-string and baritone acoustic… Read more Lines & Powerlines

Singer Songwriter Lydia Jack

Lydia Jack

I worked with up-and-coming producer Seban8tor on these tracks for Lydia Jack. I was on mixing and additional production duty… Read more Lydia Jack

Marrow & The Broken Bones playing live in Nashville

Marrow & The Broken Bones

“Growing grass, breaking glass, bones and blood, dirt and mud, mathematics and creepy love”. This is how Marrow describes themselves and I agree. I first… Read more Marrow & The Broken Bones