Music production is the art of having a vision for a song or group of songs and being able to execute that vision.

As a recording and mix engineer I approach music production in a hands on way. From scratch tracks and demos to completely finished ready for release.

As a vocalist I can help artists get the best out of their vocal performances.

As a songwriter I understand all aspects of the process and can help write or adjust as necessary.

Below are some projects I’ve worked on as a producer.

Board of Transportation: Seven Bridges of Konisgberg

Board Of Transportation

A personal project that came from some sessions I had been doing with The Champion & His Burning Flame. Dave… Read more Board Of Transportation

Desert landscape at dusk

Bring Me The West

This royalty free spaghetti western track was a bit of a composition and production exercise for me. The goal was… Read more Bring Me The West

Fear of Flight EP

Fear Of Flight

Great songs with great arrangements make mixing a pleasure. I mix this 5 track EP for “fear of flight” as… Read more Fear Of Flight

Singer Songwriter Lydia Jack

Lydia Jack

I worked with up-and-coming producer Seban8tor on these tracks for Lydia Jack. I was on mixing and additional production duty… Read more Lydia Jack

Marrow & The Broken Bones playing live in Nashville

Marrow & The Broken Bones

“Growing grass, breaking glass, bones and blood, dirt and mud, mathematics and creepy love”. This is how Marrow describes themselves and I agree. I first… Read more Marrow & The Broken Bones

New Beginnings, royalty free pop music

New Beginnings

This was a song that came together out of some “noodling” on guitar in the studio while I was working… Read more New Beginnings

The Champion & His Burning Flame: The French EP

The Champion & His Burning Flame

Recording with the Champion became a wonderful and repeated charm. This first EP was as much about recording something new… Read more The Champion & His Burning Flame

the sun will rise artwork

The Sun Will Rise

This song began life about four years ago when I was commissioned to write a song similar to Faded by… Read more The Sun Will Rise

Luke Garfield: Vanity Agony Thirst

Vanity Agony Thirst

This solo project was originally supposed to be a full-length album but time didn’t permit and it ended up being… Read more Vanity Agony Thirst

Roylaty free western song Whiskey Bottle Dawn

Whiskey Bottle Dawn

After writing my first spaghetti western royalty free song “Bring Me The West” I wanted to try a spaghetti western… Read more Whiskey Bottle Dawn