Music production is the art of having a vision for a song or group of songs and being able to execute that vision.

As a recording and mix engineer I approach music production in a hands on way. From scratch tracks and demos to completely finished ready for release.

As a vocalist I can help artists get the best out of their vocal performances.

As a songwriter I understand all aspects of the process and can help write or adjust as necessary.

Below are some projects I’ve worked on as a producer.

Board of Transportation: Seven Bridges of Konisgberg

Board Of Transportation

A personal project that came from some sessions I had been doing with The Champion & His Burning Flame. Dave… Read more Board Of Transportation

Desert landscape at dusk

Bring Me The West

This royalty free spaghetti western track was a bit of a composition and production exercise for me. The goal was… Read more Bring Me The West

East Of Ephesus

East of Ephesus

For this royalty free track I was foolin’ around with a beautiful Armenian Duduk sound and the main motif started… Read more East of Ephesus

Fear of Flight EP

Fear Of Flight

Great songs with great arrangements make mixing a pleasure. I mix this 5 track EP for “fear of flight” as… Read more Fear Of Flight

Lines & Powerlines artwork

Lines & Powerlines

This is an acoustic cover of the Board of Transportation song “Lines & Powerlines”. It features 12-string and baritone acoustic… Read more Lines & Powerlines

Singer Songwriter Lydia Jack

Lydia Jack

I worked with up-and-coming producer Seban8tor on these tracks for Lydia Jack. I was on mixing and additional production duty… Read more Lydia Jack

Marrow & The Broken Bones playing live in Nashville

Marrow & The Broken Bones

“Growing grass, breaking glass, bones and blood, dirt and mud, mathematics and creepy love”. This is how Marrow describes themselves and I agree. I first… Read more Marrow & The Broken Bones

New Beginnings, royalty free pop music

New Beginnings

This was a song that came together out of some “noodling” on guitar in the studio while I was working… Read more New Beginnings

The Champion & His Burning Flame: The French EP

The Champion & His Burning Flame

Recording with the Champion became a wonderful and repeated charm. This first EP was as much about recording something new… Read more The Champion & His Burning Flame

the sun will rise artwork

The Sun Will Rise

This song began life about four years ago when I was commissioned to write a song similar to Faded by… Read more The Sun Will Rise