So how much does online mixing cost?

My goal is to give you the best possible mix of your music because this is a key ingredient in the success of your song. If you believe in the music that you are making and want to give it the best possible chance of finding your audience you need to invest in professional mixing.

If you’ve spent weeks, months of years recording, arranging and producing you can’t cheat yourself in this crucial stage of the music release process.

Below I’ve included online mixing costs per song for some basic mixing scenarios:

Single SongEP (5 – 7 songs)Album (8 – 12 songs)
1 – 16 Tracks$500$450$400
17 – 32 Tracks$600$550$500
32+ Tracks$700$650$600

Tracks = number of mono or stereo audio files to be mixed.

Mix Revisions

2 mix revisions are included in the price for each track. Make sure you “live with the mixes” for a day or two listening on different speakers (small stereo, big stereo, headphones, earbuds, car stereo etc). 

Once you’ve really listened to it, make notes with time references about any of the elements of the mix which aren’t hitting the mark for you. For example: “2:20 the vocal could come up in this second half of the chorus” or “Overall for the whole song the snare is too soft and needs to be louder”.

This makes the process go much more smoothly and efficiently and will save you time and money. Any more than 2 mix revisions will add an extra $80 AUD per revision to the total price of the mix.

Online Mixing Special

If you are thinking of getting your EP or Album mixed I will mix one song as a sample for the single song price depending on the number of tracks. If you don’t choose to mix the rest of the album you pay the single song mix price. If you do choose to mix your entire EP or album with me you’ll only pay the standard EP or album per song online mixing costs.

Paying For Your Mixes

A 50% deposit for mixing needs to be made upfront for any online mixing work.

You can pay for the mixing of your songs using credit card (via Paypal) or direct transfer into my studios bank account.