Life Is Good

Another foray into the world of Synthwave with a more ethereal and hopeful feel. This song was a puzzle to put together. It nearly didn’t get finished either.

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I’d come up with the introductory section and had it crescendo and land on the triumphant sounding resolution, descend into the sombre verse type section but then couldn’t get back to the introductory section which I assumed would be the “chorus”.

Instead this song wrote itself in a different direction and I could only revisit the introductory melody in the bridge somewhat.

Why is this interesting? Because it highlights three things to me:

  1. Songs will write themselves in certain directions and that’s okay.
  2. If they write themselves in a direction and it’s not coming together keep at it. Step away if need be, bounce a mix and go and listen to it somewhere out of the studio to get persepective but don’t give up.
  3. Songs are often puzzles and it’s a composer/songwriter/producers job to solve the puzzle. Getting a variation of the introduction melody into the chorus was a puzzle and in solving it it enriched this section and created resolution.

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