Bring Me The West


This spaghetti western style song features a slower haunting whistling introduction which gives a sense of foreboding. This intro section leads into a dynamic and fast paced galloping electric guitar driven piece.


Racing through canyons and rocky mesa outcrops this song features a memorable western electric guitar style melody. The song eases back in the saddle a bit as the hero has a moment to catch his breath. The respite doesn’t last for long as the main melody is picked up again by an iconic western style whistle.

After another moment to catch his breath and let his horse gain it’s strength the chase is back on as the melody is picked up again by a strong fanfare like mexican sounding trumpet.

The hero has escaped and lives to ride another day. The song rejoins the our hero with a beautiful and slightly longing variation on the introduction melody. This is doubled by the trumpet as the song starts to wind down.

Our hero can finally stop and let his horse rest but he knows it won’t be long before he has to face his past again. The whistled melody from the start brings the song full circle. Whilst it is an ending it still gives a sense of things not being completely resolved.

This song is perfect for …

This song would be perfect for a spaghetti western style action sequence particularly a chase scene on horses. It could also be used as spaghetti western theme music.

This song may also suit other non-westen style films. It could be used to create a unique twist with modern visuals. In the end this track is only limited by how creative you want to be with it.

Authentic Spaghetti Western Music

I wrote this song referencing Ennio Morricone’s sound track for “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. This is one of the most iconic spaghetti western films made and the music is considered one of the greatest film scores of all time.

This song was written and recorded to really capture that iconic spaghetti western sound and atmosphere. If features:

  • a haunting whistle melody
  • twangy western sounding electric guitar lines
  • ominous tolling bells
  • a mexican sounding trumpet part
  • galloping snare drum rhythm
  • dynamic rhythmic vocal accents
  • native American indian sounding calls

There are plenty of sections in this royalty free spaghetti western track which can be looped however a clean 4 bar section is provided to give the option of extending the space in between more dynamic and melodic sections if needed.

If you really enjoy this song and find it useful for your project let me know through my profile. I would like to create more music in this style if there is enough interest.

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