Whiskey Bottle Dawn


This spaghetti western song sounds like the morning after a night of drinking and bad decisions in the old west. Maybe the reluctant hero is facing down a world of problems and sought solace in a whiskey bottle before his day of reckoning. Whatever the scenario, this song creates a sombre mood.


The full song can be heard in the preview and whilst there are no loops included there are sections which could be edited to extend out the piece if need be


  • Resonator guitar
  • Slide guitar
  • Acoustic bass
  • Drums
  • Percussion

This Spaghetti Western song is perfect for …

This song would be perfect for a more sombre spaghetti western style scene.

This song may also suit other non-westen style films. It could be used to create a unique twist with modern visuals. In the end this track is only limited by how creative you want to be with it.

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