Do you need a custom song written? I am a songwriter for hire and can help create a song for you as an individual or businesses looking for a unique and special way to express a message.

Songs for Individuals & Events

You might want a song written for personal reasons to celebrate a special occassion such as a wedding, significant birthday or other important event. I can help you with that.

Songs for Businesses

If you’re a business you might be looking for a jingle, background music for videos or a song for a corporate event. I can help you with that.

A World-Class Song

I have been songwriting for over 20 years and have a degree in music composition. I write lyrics and music as well as arrange all of the instruments in a piece of music I write.

I have worked as a music producer and songwriter in Australia and the US (Nashville) and had the opportunity to work with many talented and successful individuals. (I don’t like dropping names so if you want to know specifically you can ask me directly).

Professional From Start to Finish

As a bonus I also have a recording studio and can record your song to a world-class professional standard (see my portfolio). This means you will get an exceptional end product.

If you’d like to know more you can call me 0424 579 416 or message me below using the contact form. I’d love to find out more and have a chat about your project.