I started my musical journey learning the guitar. I practiced scales, learnt etudes and duets but even after a few lessons I started experimenting and writing short little compositions. I couldn’t help it.

Highschool was where I really started to embrace music. It never really entered my head not to write music and so I did.

A defining moment was when I went and auditioned as a vocalist at Southern Cross University. Thankfully they had the foresight to ask each potential candidate what they wanted to do with music as a career. My responses made them suggest I try out for music composition. I went on to study music composition for 3 years.

I’ve written music for the bands and other musical projects. Below is a taste of those projects.

Are you looking for a songwriter for hire to create something unique and special for your event, a loved one or your business?

Cowboy with rifle from White Commanche film

A Saddle & Open Plains

This spaghetti western soundtrack piece started as an exercise to better understand and dissect one of the most infamous pieces… Read more A Saddle & Open Plains

Board of Transportation: Seven Bridges of Konisgberg

Board Of Transportation

A personal project that came from some sessions I had been doing with The Champion & His Burning Flame. Dave… Read more Board Of Transportation

Desert landscape at dusk

Bring Me The West

This royalty free spaghetti western track was a bit of a composition and production exercise for me. The goal was… Read more Bring Me The West

East Of Ephesus

East of Ephesus

For this royalty free track I was foolin’ around with a beautiful Armenian Duduk sound and the main motif started… Read more East of Ephesus

Lines & Powerlines artwork

Lines & Powerlines

This is an acoustic cover of the Board of Transportation song “Lines & Powerlines”. It features 12-string and baritone acoustic… Read more Lines & Powerlines

New Beginnings, royalty free pop music

New Beginnings

This was a song that came together out of some “noodling” on guitar in the studio while I was working… Read more New Beginnings

Oda Por Las Llanuras

Once upon a time, amidst the vast and untamed frontier, there existed a hauntingly beautiful spaghetti western ballad, known as… Read more Oda Por Las Llanuras

Riding Tall Under A Big Sky

Behold, a classic tale in three parts, a spaghetti western trailer, composed in the style of Ennio Morricone, fit for… Read more Riding Tall Under A Big Sky

Right Lane Turning artwork Royalty Free Synthwave Music

Right Lane Turning

No one can deny that series like Stranger Things helped to thrust the synthwave/retrowave genre into the mainstream. I’d become… Read more Right Lane Turning

the sun will rise artwork

The Sun Will Rise

This song began life about four years ago when I was commissioned to write a song similar to Faded by… Read more The Sun Will Rise